About Us

To be an international company that takes its strength from teamwork, aims to be the leader in every field it enters, and turns its values into profit.


Our vision is to be an international company which takes its power from team work, targets leadership in every field it enters, and transforms its values into acquisitions.


To improve our brand image and market share by combining our strong knowledge with technology, making a difference with our products and services, without compromising the core values of our company.

Our Values

* We maintain the quality of our products and services and the reliable image of our brand.

*We focus on customer satisfaction with our fast service approach and flexible structure.

* We respect people, nature and the environment.

* We behave honestly in our relations with our employees, dealers, suppliers and competitors.

Our Products

Our products are: Bioclimatic Systems, Glass Systems, Pergola Systems, Bioclimatic Pergola, Rolling Roof, Pergola, Guillotine Glass, Bioclimatic Sky, WindScreen and Awning Systems.