Optımal structure

“It Adds Value to Your Places”

Wind Breaker

This system, which can be applied in restaurants, cafes, villas and balconies, will provide you with comfort.

Wind Breaker has an aluminum carrier and a large glass surface.
4+4 Laminated Glass is at the forefront of safety.

Wind Breaker provides a panoramic image.

Wind Breaker acts as a 1100mm parapet in the closed position.

Wind Breaker is easy to use thanks to the push and pull mechanism.

Decorative flower bed application can be made.
If desired, mobile use can be provided by means of 4 wheels.
In the open position, the movable Glass rises by 1900 millimeters, thus creating a perfect windbreak.
It is long-lasting thanks to the electrostatic oven paint.

Maximum Width: 1750 millimeters
Closed Height : 1100 millimeters
Open Height: 1900 millimeters

Rüzgar Kesici