Optımal structure

“It Adds Value to Your Places”

Emerald Series

Our Emerald Pergola series is applied as FULL Vaulted.
Emerald Pergola can stand on its own legs independently of the structure as Aluminum.
Emerald Pergola can be easily applied in any place.
Emerald Pergola is preferred in large openings thanks to its strong rail profile structure.
Emerald Pergola is designed for areas with long forward opening.
SOMFY or BECKER motors are used in our Emerald Pergola system.
SIOEN brand Blackout is used in Emerald Pergola.
It is long-lasting thanks to the electrostatic oven dyeing.

Technical Data

It is retractable. It is able to move axially.
Main carrier is made of Aluminum.
Roof cover is made of aluminum panel with special design.
Single unit width is 6,000 mm, it can be made unlimited in sequential system.
Single unit length (From Building to the front) is 10,000 mm, it can be made unlimited in sequential system.
It can be controlled with a remote control or a button.
Profile-integrated hidden LED or any external lighting can be used.
Natural gas and infrared heater can be used.
It can be covered with Glass Systems and Aluminum joinery.
It is colored with electrostatic oven dyeing in any desired color.

SINGLE UNIT MAXIMUM FAÇADE                       : 8000 mm
MAXIMUM SPACE BETWEEN RAILS                    : 4000 mm