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Bioclimatic SKY

Our BIOCLIMATIC SKY system, which can be applied in any place, allows you to create an open area on the roof when you retract the panels.

Our BIOCLIMATIC SKY system is designed for you to get a fast and maximum open space.

In our BIOCLIMATIC SKY system, the panels begin to take an angle as they retract.

Our BIOCLIMATIC SKY system can be cleaned from above.

Thanks to the specially designed Panel structure in our BIOCLIMATIC SKY system, the dirt accumulated on the roof does not fall down even when you bring the panels to an angle of 105 degrees.

Thanks to its strong structure, our BIOCLIMATIC SKY system prevents the area below from being affected by any impact on the roof.

It is long-lasting thanks to the electrostatic oven dyeing.

It is retractable. It is able to move axially.

Main carrier is made of aluminum, and roof cover is made of aluminum panel with special design.

Single unit 6,000 mm wide, it can be made unlimited in sequential system.

Single unit length (from Building to the front) is 10,000 mm, it can be made unlimited in sequential system.

It can be controlled with a remote control or a button.

Profile-integrated hidden LED or any external lighting can be used.

Natural gas and infrared heater can be used.

It can be covered with Glass Systems and Aluminum joinery.

It is colored with electrostatic oven dyeing in any desired color.

Bioklimatik Sky
Bioklimatik Sky